How to choose the best online mobile casino


Of the hundreds of seemingly nice casinos, here is how you can single out the best ones. The key is to remember 5 most important characteristics and if the online gambling resource you put your eye on fits it — feel free to join it:

1) The casino is powered by at least one leading software provider.

There are several best online gambling games developers and they surely want to stay the best in years to come. To do that, such leaders as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech provide their licensed software only to the websites they trust. So when you see any or all of these names on the casino’s games developers list — it’s a firm mark that it is to be trusted. Their titles are fun to play too!

2) High processing speed for any games, even the most popular ones.

The fact that an online slot is extremely popular with players can mean 2 things — that it is an excellent game and that, most likely, it will be almost impossible to play due to its slow loading speed. This happens because the servers with the slot are over-loaded with dozens of thousands of online gamblers. But such thing will never happen at a good UK mobile casino.

3) Bonuses on both the first deposit and on the second.

Only the leaders can afford to be really generous. Giving out bonuses is their way to show they care about players. Giving several bonuses is for the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd or even the 4th deposit is a mark of an exceptional online casino. When you see one — make sure you make a run at it. Unless it has certain disadvantages, like being not completely trustworthy.

4) Large jackpots.

There is a little to say on this topic. Some of us gamble for the mere feeling of fun and excitement. A few start playing real money games because they have got too much money on them. But most join online casinos for the huge jackpots they promised we could win. Here is a small tip — the largest jackpots are available at Progressive Jackpot Slots.

5) Solid reputation of the casino in question.

There is an important tendency we can point out here — the longer the operation life of a casino for mobile is, the more trustworthy it should be. A fraud website cannot keep working for years without being banned, not in the modern world. So the long time of operation speaks of a good reputation. This in its turn means that outcomes of games will be 100% fair and payments will be on time.

Make sure to only join gambling site that fit these criteria and you will most likely avoid fraudulent ones. If you want to be absolutely sure to avoid them — never even visit the websites that have one or all of the sights listed in the next section.

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What to avoid. Five alarming signs

There are more markers to pay attention to, unfortunately or luckily. These are top 5 things that identify a highly suspicious online gambling website:

1) The casino is brand new.

Now, it is not always a bad thing. If the casino is powered by a well-known provider or is a part of a popular network — there is nothing to worry about. Players only need to fear those websites that are new and cannot prove they are reliable.

2) There are no free bonuses.

Anyone can provide generous offers if they are not planning to pay them off. Free bonuses are the best because they are impossible to fake. In other words — those who give match bonuses on your real money deposits have the chance to take your money and give nothing back. Those who give free bonuses with no deposits are deprived of such an opportunity.

3) Powered by a provider with doubtful reputation.

Where there are leaders there will be anty-leaders. We will abstain from telling any names and instead will just say that any other than Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech should be at least suspicious. We are not saying they are necessarily bad though! They will simply require additional testing.

4) Scarce choice of games.

No self-respecting online gambling resource will offer less than 300 different titles. That is it, that is a law. If they are under this figure this is highly suspicious.

5) Repeatable bad reviews. Appears on different ‘unfair’ lists.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having several bad reviews composed by a single person. This might be a sign of unfair competition or simply an angry player releasing his/her anger. But if an online mobile casino UK appears on several different lists of unfair gambling websites from independent organisations — this is almost a guarantee that it should not be trusted.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

To save even more time of our readers, we are going to answer several questions often asked in comments.

How to guarantee secure gambling?

By following the 10 tips we listed you will guarantee to only join a nice and trustworthy mobile casino.

What games to play?

For mobile gambling we would definitely recommend online slots. They are of so many types that you will never feel bored. The classic 3-reel slots, modern 5-reel slots with over 200 ways-to-win and the futuristic 7-reel slots are all available at the best mobile casino.

Is my iPad fit for playing casino games?

Yes, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets are perfect for mobile gambling.

How to win more often?

This question is hard to answer since there can be no guaranteed ways to win real money. Do not trust those who say there are, simply because outcomes of all games are completely random. But if you only play games with higher payout percentage (online slots with 96-98%) you will surely have much higher chances to win. We also advise avoiding baccarat and American roulette with two zero fields, since they provide a lower advantage.